Friday, July 30

laQob و kuNyaH???

Kunya كنية

Often, a kunyah referring to the person's first-born son is used as a substitute for the ism: for example, أبو كريم "Abu Karim" for "father of Karim", and أم كريم "Umm Karim", "mother of Karim". It can refer to the person's first-born son. The kunya precedes the ism when not replacing it. (Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, is widely known within the Arab world by his kunya, "Abu-Mazen".)

Laqab لقب

The laqab is intended as a description of the person. So, for example, in the name of the famous Abbasid Caliph Haroun al-Rashid (of A Thousand and One Nightsfame), Haa'roon is the Arabic form for Aaron, and "al-Rashid" means "the righteous" or "the rightly-guided".

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